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There’s nothing better on the road than a Reggie talk in the CD player. Take these stimulating talks with you whenever you drive. Instead of listening to pop music, sports talk shows or other mindless nonsense, you’ll keep your mind on business. Turn wasted time into growth time.

Audio Album #1 - "The Philosophy" - $195 US

10 hours of pure applied philosophy on CD. Listening to a few minutes each morning prepares you to THINK as a chiropractor and turn medical-minded negativity into chiropractic understanding. Live it – learn it – love it.


Audio Album #2 - "The Application" - $195 US

Ten more hours of enlightenment. The day to day know-how that shows you the many ways to put Reggie’s philosophy to work in your life and practice. The only way to stay positive when the world is conspiring to make you negative.

Audio Album #3 - "Ten Minutes a Day" - $195 US

60 (count ’em) 60 great philosophical and practical nuggets of wisdom to spark your practice. Our suggestion: listen to one each morning on the way to the office – then focus your day on that one idea. Next day, on to a new one. Continue the process for two months, then start over again. As you finish each CD, be sure to share it with every member of your staff.

Audio Album #4 - "Starting a New Practice" - $195 US

A nuts and bolts workshop on starting a new practice without expensive errors and omissions. Also of proven value to experienced D.C. offices as well. The program offers a total 10 hours of surefire ideas and concepts gleaned from high earning chiropractors around the country … and the world.

"Valley of the Blind" - $20 US
 (Single disc)

The most famous talk in chiropractic. Inspirational & motivational. If you have room for only one chiropractic talk ... make this the one!

"The Chemistry of Life" (Letter N) - $20 US
 (Single disc)

Reggie's very famous and very effective lay lecture. See "Letter N" for the full program.

"Twenty Questions" - $20 US
 (Single disc)

Another great give-away for your patients and prospects. Here Reggie takes many of the most frequently asked "medical" questions and provides the appropriate "chiropractic" answers.

"Reinventing Reggie Gold" - $20 US
 (Single disc)

Reggie speaks on his own transition through the years from therapeutic chiropractic, to non-therapeutic.

"Chiropractic Down Under" - $20 US
 (Single disc)

Reggie's ideas on communications in chiropractic.

"Chiropractic in New Zealand" - $20 US
 (Single disc)

Hear Reggie speaking at the New Zealand College Lyceum in 2005.

"Chiropractic in Australia" $20 US
 (Single disc)

Excerpts from a radio interview with Reggie in Australia.

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