The man who took chiropractic...and launched it to the STARS!

The "Letter N" - (Chemistry of Life)

The Perfect Vehicle for Public Education

Reggie’s famous "Letter N" Chemistry of Life Lecture derives from his personal development of B.J.’s philosophy. The program is available in three different formats. First and foremost, the "Letter N" Digital Slide Presentation offers chiropractors an easy-to-use, highly persuasive computerized program to be used for your own lecture. For first-time patients or people who visit their chiropractors on a symptomatic basis, the computerized slide presentation is a proven winner — an absolute must for laymen lectures.

For chiropractors who don’t want to give lay lectures, or in addition to your public talks, the "Letter N" DVD covers precisely the same material and can be shown in the office privately or lent out for home viewing. Finally, patients can get all the basics with the "Letter N" Audio CD, which is available in bulk at vastly reduced prices. This is the perfect patient gift. Use it to introduce the value of regular chiropractic care to everyone who comes to your office.

So logical yet so simple, the "Letter N" Audio presentation effectively convinces everyone from the high school dropout to the Ph.D. that lifetime family maintenance care makes more sense than patch-up therapy. This is absolutely the way to go in the second hundred years. At last you can escape from the stress and mess of symptom-oriented, insurance dominated practice into real chiropractic.

Why limit your practice to the 5% of the population who exhibit symptoms, when subluxation continues to do so much damage to the entire family?
Reggie speaking

"The Talk" - A Computer Slide Presentation - $195 US
(For computers with Windows operating systems only)

Reggie's explanation and illustration of what is happening when vertebral subluxation occurs in the body, and when a chiropractic adjustment corrects it, was perfected after years of research and development.

To bring the talk into the 21st century, his highly effective charts were recreated by Visual Odyssey into a computerized slide presentation. These slides walk you step by step through the communication process making it very easy for absolutely anyone to understand while you give your own personalized talk to the lay person.

Suitable for lay lectures or orientation talks, the computer slide program is accompanied by a demonstration CD of Reggie doing a presentation with the original charts. Also included is a step-by-step, page-by-page instruction booklet, which shows the effective use of each slide, while still allowing the flexibility of individual presentation styles. This is an absolute winner and will pay for itself over and over again. (Computer with digital slide projector required.)
Reggie speaking

"Letter N" DVD - $195 US

This DVD details the basics of the information in the "Letter N" Chemistry of Life slide presentation in a concise enjoyable presentation. Suitable for cable TV, lay lectures, or as a "loaner" to new patients. Playing time 45 minutes.

"Letter N" Audio CD - (See shopping cart pricing)

This CD is a dub of the DVD presentation. It presents the "Letter N" principles in simple laymen’s terms, and chiropractors find it makes a great giveaway. With the easy-to-use label-making software now available, a practice name and phone number can be easily added to the case of every CD. That way you make it easy for patients to remember who to call for an appointment!

For orders of 100 copies or greater, we will personalize the printing of the disk to add your practice name, address, phone and web site at no extra charge!

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