The man who took chiropractic...and launched it to the stars!

Up Front With Reggie

Reggie Gold was the world's leading authority on chiropractic communications. The techniques he developed have proven successful for thousands of chiropractors... and the same dynamic programs that worked for them will work for you.

Reggie was himself a distinguished chiropractor who went on to an advanced Ph.C from Palmer College. Over the course of his career he was been presented with numerous awards for his many contributions to the profession and for his academic achievements. He served on the faculty of New York Chiropractic College and Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. He presented his innovative thinking and groundbreaking programs at Chiropractic Colleges around the world. In addition he lectured at U.S. medical schools from Mount Sinai in New York to Stanford in California as well as overseas medical schools in Capetown, South Africa -- Melbourne, Australia -- and Cuszco, Peru.


Over the course of his professional career Reggie developed a number of highly sophisticated techniques for presentation of the chiropractic concept to laymen. He shows you how to gain patient confidence and trust by diffusing the misconceptions and neutralizing the misgivings. Patients brought in and initiated to the value of continuing chiropractic care for themselves, return with their families - regardless of symptoms.

On this website you will be introduced to the variety of exciting products Reggie developed to help you build your practice and dramatically increase your income. If you are new to Reggie's Way and want a "Starter Program" we would recommend the "Letter N -- Chemistry of Life" Program. This integrates a video for the chiropractor with an audio CD give-away for patients.

In addition you will want to start building your audio and video library of other Reggie Programs. To get a description of them, click on the Audio CDs and / or Reggie's DVDs links. For Reggie's powerful lay person talk, click on the "Letter N Program".