The man who took chiropractic...and launched it to the STARS!

Reggie on DVD

Reggie's programs will animate your practice.

"The Orientation" - $195 US        

This one is not for the public. It is a two-hour training session for the chiropractor and staff. With simple guidelines it teaches exactly how to replace a medical "Report of Findings" with a chiropractic "Orientation." After viewing this you will know exactly what to say and exactly how to say it. Reggie makes doing it right impossible to forget.

"Gentle Adjusting" - $195 US

A 2 hour instructional video applying the laws of physics and the principles of chiropractic philosophy to make your technique gentler, yet more effective. Less wasted force, more patient relaxation. This is not a system of technique, instead it is a way to make your own system work better. Gentler on the patient. Less tiring on you.

"The Letter N" - Chemistry of Life - $195 US

See Reggie doing his famously effective layman lecture. (For more information on this incredible teaching tool, see The Letter N .)

"Living Subluxation Free"

A one-of-a-kind animated musical story of chiropractic for children (of all ages). About 19 minutes.

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